Drivers License

Renewals are done in our office. For furhter questions concerning drivers license, you may contact us at 205-489-5219.

Motor Driven Cycle License$36.25Motorcycle License$36.25
Learner's License$36.25Duplicate License$31.25
Identification Cards$36.25Duplicate ID Cards$31.25
A-Class New/Renewal$66.25A-Class Duplicate$31.25
B-Class New/Renewal$56.25B-Class Duplicate$31.25
C-Class New/Renewal$36.25C-Class Duplicate$31.25
D-Class New/Renewal$36.25D-Class Duplicate$31.25
GDL New/Renewal$36.25GDL Duplicate$31.25
CLL Class A Duplicate$31.25CLL Class B Duplicate$31.25
M Class New/Renewal$36.25M Class Duplicate$31.25
V Class New/Renewal$36.25V Class Duplicate$31.25
CLL Class C Duplicate$31.25Out of State Transfer$41.25
License fees shown above are subject to change and will be slightly higher in counties where local legislation permits a higher fee. The minimum are requirements for Alabama Driver License and Non-Driver Identification cards are as follows:
Identification Card
No Age Requrements 
Class D Learner License
15 years old
Class D
16 years old
Motor Driven Cycle
14 years old
Vessel License
12 years old
CDL Class A Unrestricted
21 years old
CDL Class B Unrestricted
21 years old
CDL Class B Restricted
18 years old
CDL Class C

21 years old

Drivers License examiners are only in Winston County on Wednesday at the Double Spring municipal building 205-489-1141


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